Online PR

What is Online PR??

Online PR is an efficient low-cost technique to make the audience aware of your brand’s products and services.

Online PR is similar to traditional PR but instead, it’s done through online channels. Public Relations is about gaining trust and influencing people rather than selling them particular service or product. You need quality content to build Online Public Relations and Archrex Solutions has the ability to provide that.

Online PR is a great way to promote your business and your brand’s motives, events and newsworthy stories.

Online PR Process:

You must have clarity in your marketing goals, what story you want to tell and the niche of people you want to hear it because your brand’s Online Public Relations strategy will depend on it mostly.

There can be both direct and indirect outreach for online PR. The business can employ social hashtags and search keywords alongside email.

Using digital tools such as insights gained in a sales CRM exchange between prospects and sales reps about what their biggest challenges are, or analytics from a paid campaign that tells you which value propositions make people convert.

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Our team is proficient in handling your brand’s Public Relations and will strategize each and every step according to your business objectives. We create highly relevant and engaging content which will be further shared with websites, bloggers, influential social media accounts, etc. We analyze and improve our work by constantly monitoring everything we do. Hence, it enables you to check the success of your online media campaign.

How to Approach:

Digital Marketing tactics are targeted which helps in improving outcomes for your business’ Online PR such as :


Social Media


Blogs and Columnists

Directories, lists and organizations

Word of Mouth Marketing

Relevant Websites


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