Online Advertising

What is online advertising??

Online advertising is one of the most productive ways for businesses of all magnitudes for extending their reach to find a new audience and expand their revenue streams.

Online advertising is relatively inexpensive. It reaches a wide range of customers and personalized for the target audience via tracking. There’s a variety of options available nowadays from PPC and paid social to online display ads and in-app ads.

Paid Search Advertising

One of the most common and effective types of online advertising is Paid search, also known as Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising.

Paid search is where you pay search engines like Google to advertise your brand, products, services. It also allows you to bid on relevant keywords entered by the user in the search engine. After that, it appears as Text-based ads to users when they enter specific search queries. Advertisers bid on keywords as part of an ad auction ensuring that all advertisers get a fair chance to display their ads to audiences.

Paid Social Advertising

Paid ads might have captured online advertising but Paid social is the next big thing which is transforming the web of tomorrow.

 Social networking is the most popular online pastime for people all over the world. Therefore, advertisers have evolved their strategies to target the audience. The most famous and widely used social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Paid social ads work in a similar fashion to paid search, except that advertisers, take the initiative and not users. In other words, advertisers must “search” for users rather than the other way around.

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