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In digital marketing, a landing page is an independent web page, created specifically for the purpose of marketing or advertising campaign. This page appears when a visitor clicks on a Pay Per Click ad or any other paid ad. Furthermore, Call to Action is the basic purpose of landing pages which is equally important.

Upon clicking an ad, visitors are directed to specially optimized web pages known as Landing pages. In fact, advertisers can be dynamic and specific about the features they want in a landing page. For instance, products featured in the advertisements themselves, or they may include prompts for users (such as web forms). Also, landing pages can be used to convince possible customers to complete an action. For example, making a purchase or go to another step in a longer funnel such as requesting additional information.

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At Archrex Solutions, we create well-designed landing pages. They can not only increase conversion rates of your Google AdWords campaigns or email marketing campaigns but also lower your cost of acquiring a lead or sale. Moreover, we can direct visitors to the specially designed landing page from those sources instead of directing them to your general website.

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