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"Here’s all you need to know about creating killer content in 3 simple words:
Clear. Concise. Compelling."

Content builds Relationships, Relationships are built on trust, Trust drives revenue.

What is Content Writing?

Nowadays, the audience has become smarter, skeptical and knowledgeable which makes the brands think to their core to entice them towards their products and services. Customers are fed up with in-your-face ads and pushy sales techniques. That’s where Content comes in the frame, which allows the brand/company to think about the consumer needs keeping in sync with the company’s best interests.

Content is the new king in today’s advertising world. And if you fail to express the right emotions in the most effective way then you fail to attract the audience, hence no sale. So Understand, deploy, learn, iterate and deliver – all in a day’s work at Archrex Solutions.

Why Us?

We at Archrex Solutions, find out what your company does best, the expertise that defines you. Our team makes sure what your target audience needs to know the most about and the best of your stories. Moreover, we put that together into a powerful content machine and fire – which usually drags in clients happily resulting in an increase in your profits.

Furthermore, our content writers are thoughtful, creative and insightful. Also, they keep in perspective what are your objectives, along with how and what exactly you want for your brand.

Our Services

Create Content Strategy

At Archrex Solutions, we take a data-driven, goal-oriented approach to content marketing. We analyze historical data, industry insights, customer behavior, and competitors to come up with A/B testing for content. From the smallest of details, the type of content to its call to actions, how, when and where it is published, re-written and marketed is all part of a documented content strategy plan that lies in our efforts.

High Quality Content Creation

The quality of content is defined by what it manages to accomplish and it isn’t subjective. If a piece of content on your blog sees high traffic but limited clicks to the CTA that directs people to the eCommerce site to make a purchase. Can we call that as high-quality content? No, probably not. The ‘quality’ parameters are defined by us well before delivery.

Publish & Get Traffic

The basic parameter for most of the content we create is discoverability and traffic. Firstly, we generate affinity towards your business by getting a hold of your customer’s attention by intriguing them, delight them. Secondly, we create the first level of engagement. With our efforts and dedication, that when we start with this premise, users will explore and take time to understand your offering.

Build Brand Awareness

Most of the agencies under-leverage Brand awareness and don’t take it seriously as it is needed to be taken. But we know, when done right, it can work very well to enable discoverability of what your business has to offer. It could involve writing specifically for third-party websites, doing QnA formats. And even turning FAQs into snackable content formats to start building affinity with the brand.

Attract And Convert

To attract and convert, we program the right triggers within the content that can help you reel the audience in. This could be an emotional connect or sometimes we take the practical value for money approach. In addition, our content speaks the language that tells the benefits to the particular customer persona along with showcasing the features of your products.

Analyze And Optimize

One of the most crucial aspects of content marketing is to keep track of every detail. For example, where you are, where you want to be and be on a path of incremental progress that gets you there. Similarly, analytics is the integral part that dives our content marketing decision. Our custom reports give you a concise view of how we are moving your business goals forward.

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